Our Mission and Ministries

BettyGaryVacationGod has showed His face to humans through His Son, Jesus, and He looked amazingly like us. As we learned about our origins, we discover that God made us in His own likeness. When Jesus was born, we found out that He was actually God in a human form. He told us that He came to redeem us to our original design. The only way we could be so changed was if He could take the effect of sin (our mistakes), then destroy the effect by dying for us, so absorbing the result of sin – death – for us. He did it. His blood was taken by man, and He died. Then He showed the power of God by rising again, according to His promised prediction, that God is greater than death.

Then Jesus, the resurrected Son of God, told those who met Him after His resurrection, to tell this Good News to the whole world; that He died for our sin and overpowered death from our sin.

He said that whoever will believe this News will receive eternal life, the life that God has. He said the sign of this would be that we would do what only He could do. We would dispel demon power from people, speak with languages that we did not know, and overpower the serpents that men fear. The poisons of this world could not hurt the one who believes what Jesus has accomplished, and instead, their touch will restore health to those who are ill.

This then is our mission, first of all to believe this Good News ourselves, then share it freely to everyone, worldwide, starting right where we live, here in beautiful southern Saskatchewan. We do this every way we know how, sometimes awkwardly, talking to those we know and see, other times sending others to go and tell this, as Jesus said. Though we do not always see the result of people being so affected by this message, our mission remains the same. Tell the good news that we have learned.

This area of our land has seen the gospel preached and seen its effect in days past. Decades of population decline (and sometimes a decline of people hearing the Good News, as well), has slowly closed communities, churches, and hearts to the great story. Now is our time to bring hope and joy to those locked in their failures and victims of their results. We have no other goal than this mandate – everyone of us are committed to restoring joy, hope, and faith, through the love of Christ in us.

We’re all different, and different gifts are being revealed through us as we unite our hearts in this mission. By the way, the above signs are occurring too.